The following is a list of Peter Ribeaux’s recent (post 2000) publications, some of which will eventually be available to download directly.

Journal Articles

Ribeaux, P. and Spence, M., ‘CAM Evaluation: what are the research questions?’ Complementary Therapies in Medicine, vol 9, September, 2001.

Spence, M. and Ribeaux, P., ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Consumers in search of Wellness or an Expression of Need by the Sick?’ Psychology and Marketing, vol 21, 2, February, 2004.

Ribeaux, P., ‘Self-management in the Workplace: principles and practice at work’, Direction, vol 3, 4, 2005.

Ribeaux, P., ‘Alexander’s Terminological Maze’, Conscious Control, Vol 2, 1, 2008.

Conference papers and presentations

Ribeaux, P. and Spence, M., ‘Transformation et Evolution: d’un mal de dos à un art de vivre’, Institute of Psychoanalysis and Management Conference, Lille, France, June 2002.

Ribeaux, P., ‘Contradiction et Paradoxe: guerre civile dans le corps : Etude psychophysique de l’usage du corps au travail’, Institute of Psychoanalysis and Management Conference, Pau, France, September, 2003.

Ribeaux, P, ‘The Alexander Technique and Pain’, International Alexander Technique Congress, Oxford, August, 2004.

Ribeaux. P and Kettrick, C. ‘Teaching without Touching: touching without teaching. Education or Manipulation?’, International Alexander Technique Congress, Lugano, August, 2008.

Ribeaux, P. ‘Hands, Feet and the Primary control: how do arms and legs fit into the total pattern?’, International Alexander Technique Congress, Lugano, August, 2008.

Ribeaux, P. ‘Doing, End-gaining and Other Heresies’, International Alexander Technique Congress, Lugano, August, 2011.

Ribeaux, P. ‘Not the Medical Model, not the Scientific Model: Anatomy and Physiology as a Narrative for the Alexander Technique’, International Alexander Technique Congress, Lugano, August, 2011.

Chapters in edited books

La Rééducation Psychophysique: un outil pour être performant, quel que soit l’âge, in Sala, F. and Guéret-Talon, L., Pérennité au Travail : âge, bouleversements et performance, Lyon : Chronique Sociale, 2006

Effectivitat, Effizienz und Kreativität bei älteren Arbeitnehmern – ein Ehrfahrungsbericht, in Papmehl, A., Gastberger, P. and Budai, Z. (Eds), Die kreative Organisation, Gabler, 2009.

Towards a Functional Anatomy of the Alexander Technique, in Rennie, C., Shoop, T. and Thapen, K. (Eds), Connected Perspectives: the Alexander Technique in Context, Hite, 2015.

Taking Control of a Body and a Life, in Aitken, S. (Ed), Paths to the Alexander Technique, Hite, 2015.

Connected Perspectives book coverConnected Perspectives –
Alexander Technique in Context

edited by Claire Rennie,
Tanya Shoop and Kamal Thapen.
Published by HITE
Publication date 28th Feb 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9568997-4-3

Connected Perspectives comprises 23 contemporary articles which relate the Alexander Technique to diverse fields of human endeavour. Ranging from Literature to Musical Training, from Skiing to Sex, from Psychotherapy to Anatomy, from Birth to Personal Cultivation, from the Ideomotor Principle to Historical Overviews – this collection is essential reading for those who would like to explore the Alexander Technique in a wider context. Written by experts in their respective fields, the articles invite readers, both familiar and those not previously acquainted with the Technique, to gain an understanding of its potential.

Christine Ackers, Kathleen Ballard, Glenna Batson, Anne Battye, Erik Bendix, Peter Buckoke, Jonathan Cole, Barry Collins, Sheila Christie, Henry Fagg, Alex Farkas, Brita Forsstrom, Fumie Hosoi, Nadia Kevan, Tim Kjeldsen, Judith Kleinmann, Claire de Obaldia, Sue Pepper, Peter Ribeaux, Joseph Sanders, Keith Silvester, Lucia Walker, Sharyn West, Malcolm Williamson and Julia Woodman.

Claire Rennie, Tanya Shoop and Kamal Thapen

‘The Alexander Technique is for living life to the full. I would like to wholeheartedly endorse this book …’
– Elisabeth Walker

Paths to the Alexander Technique book coverPaths to the Alexander Technique

edited by Shelagh Aitken
Copyright of The FM Alexander Trust
– Please support the work of the Trust by buying a copy.

‘A wonderful collection of stories concerning diverse people with diverse problems: from those with bad backs, weak legs or sore feet to others trying to find more efficient ways to cycle, write or play a musical instrument. All encounter and then engage with the Alexander Technique, and in doing so discover its direct relevance to their everyday lives.’
– Seān Carey PhD, author of five acclaimed books on the Alexander Technique

The storytellers in this book stumble across the Alexander Technique, often after years of searching and experimenting with solutions, mainstream and alternative, for a problem they cannot solve. The search may start with a crisis, large or small, physical or mental, which suddenly becomes worse. Someone mentions the Alexander Technique, and they try it in desperation when other disciplines have failed.

Over time, the storytellers find that the problems seem to solve themselves, or diminish in importance. And they notice other, unexpected benefits: a sharpness of vision and reaction; more confidence; a feeling of being more at ease with themselves in the world, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Alexander Teachers and Pain

by Peter Ribeaux
Paper included in:
7th International Congress of the F M Alexander Technique – Oxford 2004
Edited by Ken Thompson

Format : Congress Paper
Publisher : STAT Books
Published: July 2005
ISBN : 0-9519304-9-4
Available at Alexander Books online

From another lifetime … and a bargain now on Amazon

Psychology and Work book coverPsychology and Work: An Introduction

(Business Management & Administration)
Paperback – December 14, 1978
by P. Ribeaux (Author), S.E. Poppleton (Author)