Alexander Technique Teacher Training

Training as an Alexander Technique Teacher

End of an era!

After thirty-three years we have at long last decided to close our training course.  It’s been a great journey but the time has come.  The good news is that we are still alive and kicking and that we have not stopped teaching.

From now on Thursday mornings are designated as post-graduate mornings.  To find out more, please see our “Advanced Training” page.  Alexander Teachers from all traditions are welcome to come as well as our own graduates of whom there are about a hundred.

Here are some of the comments received when our graduates  heard we were closing down the teacher training as well as something from one of our most recent  graduates.  Thanks for the nice words!

“I arrived at the Centre for the Alexander Technique with severe shoulder and neck pain. This condition had been with me for five years. I had spent a lot of time seeking solutions……..putting frozen peas on my shoulder, unable to garden and constantly in pain. The quality of my life was a struggle. I am now in my third year at the Ribeaux school, free from pain and more at ease with my body. I have a clearer understanding of how my body works and strategies to avoid recurrence of my pain.”

“Congratulations to you and Ellie on thirty-three years of dedication and again my personal thanks for my time at the school.”

” I must say I have, thanks to you two, been able to enjoy a full time career of teaching.  And to have taught many lovely young people … I hope well.”

“Congratulations to you both on running such a good school for so long. You have both earned a break but I’m sure you won’t take it!!”

“To say this is the end of an era is a huge understatement…. i feel utterly privileged to have been present at 3 of the 33 years….”

“I would love to see you guys soon… 33 years is an amazing length of time . I’m so grateful I got the opportunity to train with you both .”