The Centre for the Alexander Technique

Teaching the Alexander Technique for over 50 years

Photograph of Peter Ribeaux using the Alexander Technique to balance and counterbalance with visiting AT teacher

A passion for teaching

Our extensive experience enables us to cater to all levels, ranging from the beginner to the trained Alexander Teacher.

Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are the best way Initially to learn the Alexander Technique

Postgraduate Workshops

Our popular post-graduate workshops for Alexander Teachers are available weekly on Thursday mornings


A range of personal development services aimed at promoting psychophysical health.

Expand your skills

Post-graduate Workshops

  • Feedback about one’s teaching skills .
  • Made-to-measure attention to ones’ particular needs.
  • Consistent teaching over a period of time.
Photograph of Peter Ribeaux teaching the Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique and Singing

  • Become aware of your habits and how to change them.
  • Become aware mind and body in relation to performance
  • Gain more sense of control over what you are doing

Performance Arts Education

  • A fundamental underpinning for actor training.
  • Teaches you how take away the things that are interfering with your natural creative self.
  • Find a sense of “being here” with yourself, your mind and your body.

“I love how the Alexander Technique gives you a sense of control over everything you do with your body”

Sofia Swenson-Wright

National Youth Choir