The Centre for the Alexander Technique

33 Years of Training Teachers

Collage of photographs of students and teachers working at Centre for the Alexander Technique

We can now look back on thirty three years of training teachers.  Of course, we had  a big party to celebrate every ten years and the first two photos below show the most recent one.  Some of us have changed. Some still look the same. As for the trainers we leave it for you to judge.   Arguably, we  got better.  But saying that would reflect on what we offered in the early days! So the less said the better……..

As well as a big celebration every ten years  the class has taken the opportunity to celebrate each graduation in some way as well as having the occasional trip to Sussex or Israel or Wales or Austria or wherever someone suggests. The most recent venue seems has been New Malden and its Korean restaurants! But the local Fulham cafes also have their place, VVs, Tinto, The River Cafe (the one by Putney Bridge Tube Station, not the one by the river!) and a few more including the football ground. Then there’s the tea break and of course the first five minutes of class when all the interesting stuff happened.

As for the work, we feel it has evolved, but that is for you to decide. The successor to the training course is our Thursday post-graduate mornings.  We welcome back all our graduates no matter how long the gap has been. We also welcome any other teachers who want to explore the Ribeaux brand.