The Centre for the Alexander Technique


Photograph of students working with the Alexander Technique at the Centre for the Alexander Technique

Centre for the Alexander Technique

46 Stevenage Road, London, SW6 6HA

+44 (0)20 7731 6348

We are located in Fulham, not too far from Putney, Chelsea, Hammersmith, Barnes, Richmond and Wandsworth.

We offer:

✤   Alexander Technique Lessons

✤   Postgraduate Training in the Alexander Technique

✤   Ribeaux Consulting for professionals and organisations

Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

By remaining small we are able to maintain sound principles, uniformity and consistency of teaching and a standard of excellence without frills. We are members of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, Our former teacher training course is recognised by STAT.

Who are we?

Photograph of Ellie Ribeaux, head of training at Centre for the Alexander Technique

Ellie Ribeaux has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 50 years.  After training she studied biodynamic psychology with Gerda Boysen as well as attending courses in a variety of personal development methods. Formerly a biology teacher, she has taught and given workshops in the Technique to people from many walks of life in a number of different countries including Denmark, Germany and Israel.

Photograph of Peter Ribeaux, Centre for the Alexander Technique Peter Ribeaux has been an Alexander Teacher for over 50 years. He has given workshops in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Israel, Switzerland and the USA and has taught the Alexander Technique in a number of different settings ranging from the performance arts to the aerospace industry. Formerly a university lecturer in organisational psychology, he has also been a council member of STAT and is currently a member of the Moderators Panel of STAT. 

We were trained by Patrick Macdonald, who was trained by FM Alexander himself, and ran one of three training courses which immediately succeeded Alexander’s death in 1955. We have both been influenced by a number of other first generation Alexander Teachers including Peter Scott, Walter Carrington, Bill and Marjory Barlow, Dick and Elisabeth Walker, Irene Stewart and Eric de Peyer. We were the longest established Alexander Technique teacher trainers in the UK, opening our course in September 1984 until we closed it in 2017.   In that time we graduated some hundred teachers who work in establishments as varied as multinational corporations and drama and music colleges all over the world.   The Centre for the Alexander Technique is still situated in our house in Fulham near the River Thames in south-west London.