The Centre for the Alexander Technique

Ribeaux Consulting

Ribeaux Consulting offers a range of personal development services aimed at promoting health, well-being and improved performance in the workplace, sport and the performance arts. The underlying principle is to help people manage themselves and their environment.

Peter Ribeaux is an occupational psychologist as well as an Alexander Teacher who is able to bring his multiple skills to the work situation.

Programmes for work organisations, business schools, sportspeople and performers include coaching and training in self-management skills as well as techniques for the prevention of stress and musculo-skeletal pain (eg, back-, neck- and shoulder pain). Stress and musculo-skeletal pain are estimated to account for some 50% of absence from work and for much underperformance in those still working.

We offer skills training for the management of potentially stressful aspects of the work environment, for example, making presentations, using computers and relations with co-workers. These in turn impact productivity and performance. In sport and the performance arts the focus is on improving the use of mind and body for performance as well as prevention and rehabilitation of injury.

This serves the individual in terms of well-being and performance and the organisation in terms of efficiency and reduction of cost.

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