The Centre for the Alexander Technique

Pete’s Blog – Fri 15 Apr 2016

Photograph of Peter Ribeaux, Centre for the Alexander Technique
The issue of the modalities of touch resolves itself into a number of interacting variables. Who is touching and being touched? What is the purpose of the touching? How experienced is the teacher, how experienced AT-wise is the pupil? Are they colleagues exchanging work? What is the purpose of the lesson? What is the Alexander ideology of each? What are the preferences of each? And a pile of other ones.

These interact with each other to produce a mix which may or may not turn out to be productive, which may or may not lead to dissension. They are just a few of the issues which need to be resolved in the process of an exchange of work. It’s therefore important to negotiate them as one goes along by regularly obtaining consent and feedback. Above all the process should not be rushed as it will often determine whether the ‘good use‘ of the teacher gets transmitted to the pupil.

If you want to explore this process in a practical situation, then come along to the workshop (frivolously entitled “Mindlessness”) at HITE, 10 Harley Street, London W1G 9PF on Saturday 7th May at 1.30. You don’t have to be an Alexander Teacher to attend.