The Centre for the Alexander Technique

Pete’s Blog – Wed 6 Apr 2016

Photograph of Peter Ribeaux, Centre for the Alexander Technique
After many years regretting not writing down my daily musings about the Alexander Technique, I decided to see if I could jot them down, no matter how trivial. And here seemed a good place. I kind of hope no one replies as that would mean that I would have to reply in turn – or maybe not….

This year I’ve also decided to go to a few conferences and present workshops on topics which interest me and on which I’ve formulated a few ideas. I’ve decided to offer them up as follows:

1.“The Nature of the Alexander Thinking Process”, mischievously advertised as “Mindlessness” at HITE in Harley Street, London, 7th May at 1.30pm

2.“Varieties of Touch” at the AMMAS Conference in Spain, 23-30 July.

3. “What can a Non-musician Alexander Teacher offer Musicians ?” at the International Conference for Alexander Technique in Music Education, 30-31 July in London.

4.“Varieties of Touch” (again) at the ATI Conference in October. I doubt I will have sorted this one out after one airing!

So here we have it, three themes: Alexander thinking, varieties of touch and teaching musicians. Yes, they seem to be some of the most common things that preoccupy me as a teacher at the moment…….